Transparency in the Construction Industry

Our awards recognise innovative construction practices that enhance transparency in the construction Industry.

The Awards

Each year the criteria will evolve as the level of requirement increases, but the mission of these awards remains the same: to recognise projects that promote open communication and transparent practices.

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The Jury

A panel of specialists from industry-leading entities within construction, dedicate themselves to the challenging task of assessing the level of transparency of contemporary construction projects.

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Who we are

ebrik: Transparent Construction Awards

ebrik stands for transparency in construction. Built out of the need to increase visibility between developers, building management teams, and homebuyers and developers, ebrik was born to reinvent the construction and housing experience for everyone involved.

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Why We Do It

Recognising collective efforts to promote transparency

Our ultimate goal is to create a centralised environment where construction professionals from around the world can come together to find inspiration, share knowledge and experiences that enhance tranparent practices in construction.

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The Book

A yearly collection that compiles all awarded submissions into a best practices handbook.

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