Our Platform

A centralised platform that makes it easier to manage multiple projects and communicate continuously with homebuyers, residents and investors!

Construction Timeline Module

  • A gamified and user-friendly way of following the construction progress

Communication Tools

  • Chat functionality, easily manage communications on each stage of construction journey
  • Polls & managing user preferences on materials and finishes.

A centralised platform

  • Managing information about multiple projects, users, plots in a single platform

High Path Live

The first new homes on High Path, part of Clarion’s £1 billion Merton Regeneration Project have been completed. Designed by PRP, delivered by Hill Group, Residents were able to follow the construction process and feel at the centre of it!

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Create powerful emotional connections between homes and buyers. A virtual sales tool making outreach, viewings and home buying as simple as an interactive video call. Explore the full power of brikBuy.

1. Create an interactive visit

Add interactive features and video calls to existing listings or embed these onto separate websites.

  • Create a custom marketing page
  • Add 360 videos and imagery
  • Add listing information

2. Schedule multiple 1:1 remote viewings

  • Create a virtual viewing schedule for multiple properties
  • Manage your viewings across properties
  • Host 1:1 video call viewings with potential customers

3. Manage key payments and sales progress

  • Full sales progress timeline, highlighting key touchpoints
  • Seamless management of payment milestones


Empowering developers and home buyers with the next-generation of building management. Your construction fingerprints in one place – this is sales aftercare made easy. Explore the full power of brikCare

1. Compile all post-project documentation in one place

  • Create folders for document storage across projects
  • Create views for homebuyers and project teams
  • Create downloadable information packs

2. Building infrastructure visualiser

  • Create multiviews of utility channels and infrastructure for homebuyers to detect studs, pipes and more
  • Built-in measurement systems

3. How-to DIY videos

Create and upload content for your homebuyers to establish a community feel

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